Monatsarchiv: September 2015

[Konf.] Hospitäler, Heime und Krankenhäuser als Orte des Alterns und der medizinischen Pflege (vom Spätmittelalter bis zur Gegenwart)

„As the title of the conference in Bad Radkersburg (Southern Styria) suggests, the chairmanship aims to create a very open thematic field, in order to do justice to current intensive research in the areas of hospital, clinic and nursing history. Current developments seem particularly interested in taking transformations around and after the turn of the century into account. While the strict regulations of hospitals and clinics made them, above all, places of custody until the middle of the 19th century – at present, the trend goes in the opposite direction – , the question arises when and how changes occurred and how they can be located theoretically. Nursing the elderly – at least in hospitals – was initially not a central aspect of everyday life in the (late) Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period, the inmates usually died comforted by religious consolation, medical care was often absent. However, could it be that this is merely a topos? When and how did a rethinking of these practices come about? How were medical care and welfare financed in hospitals? In addition, the transformation process of the ideal-typical hospital to the modern-day senior residence which connects the aspects of aging and care in a dignified manner, at least in theory, is also of interest. … read more

Call for Papers

Organized by: Association of the Social History of Medicine, Austrian Institute of Historical Research, Institute of Sociology University of Graz, Department of History University of Salzburg

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