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„Nature Did It…“

Nature Did It: Romans, Ecology and the Global History of Infectious Disease“

October 20, 2016

Lecture Series: What’s New in the Fall of the Roman Empire

Kyle Harper, Professor of Classics and Letters, Senior Vice President and Provost, University of Oklahoma


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The Plagues That Might Have Brought Down the Roman Empire

„Bioarcheologists are getting better at measuring the toll of ancient pathogens. […]

While we may never be able to pinpoint one reason for the death of the Roman Empire, historians are inching ever closer to understanding what life was like for its residents as their world crumbled. Two especially innovative papers published in the latest issue of the Journal of Roman Archaeology ask what role epidemic disease played in the twilight of the Roman Empire. The first, by University of Oklahoma historian Kyle Harper, addresses the so-called Plague of Cyprian in the middle of the turbulent 3rd century C.E. The other, written by Harper’s former professor Michael McCormick, a professor of medieval history at Harvard University, takes on the 6th-century C.E. Plague of Justinian.“

Full article available on The Atlantic.

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